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Get the books that reveal information that 9/11 conspiracy theorists are hiding from you, 90% of all profits will go to support the victims of terrorism.

My 1st book: Lifting up the couch cushions "exposing the loose change" is the other side to the video 9/11 loose change 2nd edition. in it i expose all of their deceptions, so how do you "expose loose change"? by Lifting up the couch cushions. get the book here: https://www.createspace.com/3918905

My 2nd book: World Trade 7 "Examining Barry Jennings" goes into details about WTC 7, the building that collapsed at 5:20 pm on 9/11. conspiracy theorists claim this is their "smoking gun" but when you read Barry's account it reveals details that show a cover up by the conspiracy theorists. get the paperback book here:  https://www.createspace.com/4049749 also available as an E book here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G1XDQZG

With any major world event there are always unanswered questions, September 11th 2001 is no exception.

There are some people who claim to have done the proper research, they say that the evidence they found points towards 9/11/2001 as being an American government conspiracy.

On the surface it seems that they make a good case, until you question their findings, and that's what i do.

My research is basically double checking theirs, what i found out was they do not want to accept the truth, instead they would rather gather information that they can make look like they have uncovered a government conspiracy.

They named themselves "truthers" because the word "truth" is in the title, they also say they are part of the "truth" movement. i found out that they are really "truth protestors".

Imagine a football field covered with pieces of paper, each piece of paper has another answer, fact, and clue to the truth about 9/11. truth protestors walk through and look at every piece, then they pick and choose the pieces they can make look like what they need, they always reveal a bit of truth to make themselves sound like they are telling the entire truth, then they wrap a fabrication around that bit of truth. I also walk through and find the pieces they left behind, the pieces that unravel their fabrications, and when you see all of the right pieces together you see the actual truth.

Here is just one example: FACT: cell phones on the 9/11 planes can not be relied on to have stayed connected long enough to have passed enough information due to the altitudes and speeds.

Truth protestors claim that cell phones don't work on planes so the recorded calls had to be faked by the government using voice morphing technology.

My research has uncovered that some of the cell phone calls did get through but soon dropped, the calls that stayed connected came from the on board air phones which work off of satellites. one of those air phones can stay connected at 30,000 feet from New York to L.A.

Truth protestors claim to have done the proper research yet they fail to disclose that the calls came from the air phones, they would rather say the government faked the phone calls using voice morphing technology because that would show that the government was part of some sort of cover up, while the evidence shows that the calls came from the air phones. truth protestors only have evidence that voice morphing technology exists, but no evidence that the government used it to fake phone calls especially when air phones and satellites also exist, so there is more evidence that the calls did come from the hijacked passengers than anything truth protestors can prove to you about the government.

So why would truth protestors want you to believe 9/11 was a government conspiracy? one thing they have in common is a hatered towards the government, they do make a point when they say the government is imcompetent, after all the 2 party system is more concerned with making the other party look like they are the ones not right for the better of the people than doing what is best for the people. it's like a tug of war and it seems that nothing ever gets done because nothing really ever does get done except each party working at getting their party elected. it is my opinion that we need to abolish the 2 party system and everyone running for office must be an independant so we can get started taking on the issues at hand instead of elected officials doing what's better for their party instead of what's better for the people who they work for (or are supposed to work for) i can see why they want the government to be held accountable because they should be held accountable for what they need to be held accountable for but not for something they are accused of that people who are accusing them can not prove.

The books I wrote not only expose the corruption of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement they also expose the real corruption of the government and reveal ideas on how to abolish the corruption and force the government to work for the people and not have the people remain slaves to the government.

I have listened to the claims against the government by conspiracy theorists and understand their frustrations, occupy wall street failed because it should have been occupy congress, the big shot money makers are following the laws dictated by congress and it is congress that needs to change the way businesses operate in America, ENRON happened because the laws set up allowed it to happen, the head of that company hired lawyers to figure out how to bilk that company and its employees out of resources and into a poverty stricken environment. right now the head of a publicly traded company can give themselves a multi million dollar bonus, but that company does not actually belong to the head of that company because it is publically traded, it is owned by its investors. what needs to change is ALL profits considered as bonuses must be paid as dividends to the stock holders of that company, after all they actually own the company and it is their money. (try getting your family and friends to pay for your house, and when you sell it tell them it is your house so all of the money is yours) what needs to change in big business is, publically traded companies must give any bonus money to the investors (owners) of that company as dividends. dividends are like collecting interest on money in a bank, well money in a company is the same thing, except not all companies offer dividends, but if they did it would strengthen not only that company but the economy as a whole. let's say that you have 10,000.00 in a bank at 1% interest, you earn 100.00 a year, now if you had 10,000.00 invested in a company and the company profits divided up (dividends) between all investors for that year gave you 18% (because the law no longer lets the head of that company take a multi million dollar bonus) so would you ever sell your stock in that company? most likely not (unless you moved it to another publically traded company) or until you had enough money to live comfortably off of the lower interest rate paid by the banks. if all publically traded companies offered dividends, more investors would keep their money invested in those companies because dividends equal income. and in turn it would make those companies financially stronger and more secure because more people would stay invested in those companies. this is what real change looks like, not trying to oust the government by trying to pin a crime created by terrorists on them.

Something needs to be done, alone we will never accomplish anything but together is how we can make it happen. I know that we need to expose the corruption of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement in order to expose the real corruption of the government, the truth needs to come out so people can see where the real problems lie, I took on the task of spreading the word about the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement but can't do it alone, I need your help. posting this website on your social media pages is not only very easy but will be very helpful in getting the word out about the deception of the movement, this is where it needs to start in order to raise awareness so we can eventually tackle the real issues with the government and the people who want to do something about them but are going about it all wrong, trying to push the blame of the 9/11 terror attacks on the government is not going to change the government because there is absolutely no evidence that shows they were behind the attacks. there is overwhelming evidence that the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement is trying to do what ever they can to get people to rise up and overthrow the government, well that is not the answer, the answer is to expose what needs to be changed, and a good place to start is to expose the fraud of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement.

the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 are raising money to advertise and promote their deceptions, i need to be able to expose them but can't do it on my own, i need your help, the go fund me account i set up has all of the details, even 1.00 will help me reach my goal. thank you.









Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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