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People in the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement write books, make videos, speak in public, and feature related items on their websites because they are doing what they do for the money they make and they know that “conspiracy” sells better than the truth does. They ask questions that they know the answers to but act like they don’t in hopes that the people listening will take them for their word and put the focus on the Government as if the Government is not answering those questions because they are covering up the truth, but anyone who does independent research just by double checking the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement’s research will find that there is information and facts out there that contradicts what the movement claims to be the truth, when in fact what I found is that all of their claims are nothing more than propaganda based on deception and lies.

I have made many videos showing what the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement has concluded and also what I have concluded in my research.  

This video explains the question asked by the movement: “how did 19 guys with plastic knives manage to take over 4 jumbo jets and bypass our multi-trillion dollar defense system?” my research has revealed just how they managed to do it based on the facts and evidence and basic common sense.

This video answers the question asked by the movement: "how could an aluminum plane destroy a steel building?" it also explains why the claim by the movement of the towers being taken down by planted devices is not only wrong but was impossible because the planes impacts would have set off any devices and dropped the towers upon each impact and that didn't happen. 

Their deception is exposed in their cover ups and lies:
This video reveals a cover up of evidence by loose change and the entire 9/11 conspiracy theory movement, I found the actual audio of the firefighter’s radio calls on line and provided a link to that website below this video, I discovered a 2nd firefighter on the audio which no one in the movement ever tells you about, I went to a few conspiracy theorists website that had the audio transcribed and even on those they never mention the other firefighter because they are all covering him up because they need to take the fires out of the equation in order to make it look like the fires couldn’t have affected the steel so they can make it look like planted devices were used in order to destroy the towers, but my explanation in the video shuts down their claims of planted devices, and reveals so much more fire then they will ever admit to.

 Here is the link to the chief Orio Palmer audio, download the one that says "port authority audio repeater"
I called into the Alex Jones show and was able to promote a video which exposes him in a lie to his own listeners, I am Chuck from Boston and sounded like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, here is the actual call I turned into a video.
And then the video which exposes Alex in a lie that he can not talk his way out of. 


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