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Victims of Terrorism Foundation INC. in New York, New York, is working at debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories, through book sales and a free video channel on you tube. most videos are actual excerpts from my 1st book so you can see examples of how my research has exposed the facts, evidence, and details that members of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement are covering up. 

The purpose of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation is to combine all charities that help victims of terrorism, surviving family members, military members fighting in the war on terror and anyone else who has been effected by terrorism such as 9/11 first responders.

If there are people who need help but don’t have a charity, the foundation will create one so those people can receive the help they need.

For example: if a soldier who is leaving the military who has not been injured and finds they need assistance in the transition back to civilian life, there will be a fund set up to help them with that transition where their military benefits may not help.

My ultimate goal is to have brick and mortar stores at locations where senseless acts of terrorism have occurred with New York's World trade center being the main location. Other locations would be near the pentagon in Washington D.C., Boylston St. in Boston, and Oklahoma City.

With my books being the focal point of each store, seeing how they cover the subject of conspiracy theory and reveal details which will enable the reader to learn of both sides of the debates and also show all who read them that there is deception when it comes to the subject and the people who are being deceitful are in it just for the money and should do the right thing which is to tell the story of the 9/11 terror attacks and help the people who need the help, not just fabricate an un-provable government conspiracy and selfishly benefit from those profits.

Inside the stores each charity will have a partitioned area where they will display their fundraising items for sale, displayed on the wall in each area will be a different question and answer from one of my books along with the message that the main source of revenue to support the store is from sales of my books.

The idea of having a different question and answer in each charity’s area is to make people aware that there is a movement that is profiting from their fabricated claims because they know that conspiracy sells, and they are deceiving the public so they can profit from their lies, and that my books expose that movement while revealing what they are hiding, in other words the movement only reveals details which conclude what they need you to believe, they will never tell you the details I have uncovered, my books do tell you everything they are telling you (because I am not trying to cover up their findings) and also tell you facts and details that they purposefully leave out which reveal that they are not telling you everything that their research has uncovered.

When you hear their side you are left with questions, when you hear my side you are left with answers.

Imagine books containing the truth about terror attacks while shutting down the bogus claims of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement being used to raise money for the victims and others effected by those attacks at the most notable locations those attacks happened.

The cost of these store locations is only going to be affordable if I get help from people who buy my books, and/or donate to the cause. I’ve learned that the most common lease in the retail business is 10 years, I don’t want to go into a venture like this and fail, that is why I am not going to open the first location until I raise enough money to ensure that the store can operate on the money I raise for the entire first year, this way there will be no struggle in making the overhead costs including employee's salaries. Which by the way are the people the Foundation is being set up to help, it’s their Foundation they should be the ones running it.

Once established, 90% of profits raised from my own book’s in-store sales and 100% of profits raised by other retail in store sales such as bookmarks, post cards, and other related merchandise will go to support the cost of running the store while all charities will have one place where all of their merchandise will be available without the cost of overhead.

The benefit to each charity having an area in each store is they will be able to promote upcoming events and fundraisers in their partitioned areas. In turn an advertisement such as a flyer or bookmarks will be made up with information of the actual store locations so each charity can promote store locations at each of their charities events.

Members of each charity will also have a place to display their own personal items such as books and videos they have created which tell their own personal stories, a small percentage of funds from sales of members personal items will be set aside in the case that store sales alone do not cover the overhead costs.

The way it is going to work is, during each year, starting in January, the projected overhead for the following year will dictate the amount of money needed to meet the following years’ overhead, for example: if we raise enough revenue to cover the store’s overhead costs for the following calendar year  by August with in store sales alone, all members with personal items on display will be given a check for the amount of money withheld from the small percentage of their merchandise sales which was previously withheld, and in that case all money raised above the following year’s projected costs from in store sales from August to the end of that year will be divided equally between all charities involved.






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