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From facts to evidence and witnesses testimony which is all manipulated in the video to get you to believe them just so they can profit from their deception.
Everything that the video 9/11 loose change does not tell you is revealed in this book.

They claim that the government released 3 manuals which were the plans for the attacks.
Manual 1) Emergency response to terrorism. released by F.E.M.A.
Manual 2) Emergency response to terrorism. released by the department of justice.
Manual 3) Rebuilding America's defenses "a project for a new American century" released by government officials.
According to them the government released the plans for the attacks to the people they had planned to attack, then attacked them and still got away with it. 
This video goes into details about the manuals narrated by Dylan Avery, debated and debunked by me, K.T. Penn.

Incase you missed what Jason said about the steel being shipped off directly to China before it could be inspected, I found out what really happened with the steel and made this video.

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