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 Everything about the demise of World Trade Center number 7 is explained in this book.


This is a picture on the website VOA news dot com at the page Ground zero then and now, every building that was destroyed on 9/11 is in blue, you can click on each building and read the before, the aftermath, and the future of each one, it is very informative and reveals the true destruction to the WTC that conspiracy theorists never talk about, the only buildings they mention are the towers and building 7, and have stated that they don't understand how 2 planes could have destroyed 3 buildings, the reality is the 2 planes only destroyed the 2 towers, it was the fallout of the towers which destroyed 7 other buildings including 5 WTC buildings and 2 non WTC buildings and damaged many more, and it was the fallout of WTC 7 which destroyed another non WTC building. click the link to go to the site where you can see for yourself the actual devastation to each building.

Conspiracy theorists want you to believe that WTC 7 was taken down in a controlled demolition, while the debris field was over 16 acres and the north tower stood only 300 feet from WTC 7, they want you to believe 300 feet was as far as a mile away when in reality it was the collapse of the south tower (which was 700 feet from WTC 7) that knocked out the power and started fires inside WTC 7 rendering the elevators useless forcing Barry Jennings to take the stairs, Barry was inside WTC 7 on the 23rd floor with Michael Hess it was the collapse of the south tower that made them realize they needed to get out of the building, in a later interview Barry tells how Hess went looking for the stairs as he checked the phones, they had to have tried the elevators and realized they were no longer working in order for Hess to have needed to go looking for the stairs (in the dark because the collapse of the south tower knocked out the power inside WTC 7) it took the 2 men time to realize they needed to get out of the building, then check the elevators, find the stairs and make their way down 15 floors to the 8th floor where they were blown back and into the 8th floor by what Barry says was an (unidentified) explosion (which was actually the energy of the collapse of the north tower blasting through the building) the south tower collapsed at 9:59 am the north tower collapsed 29 minutes later at 10:28 am. the time line fits, what doesn't fit is that in a later interview transcribed in this book, Barry says that he was blown back into the 8th floor by an explosion while both towers were still standing, yet Barry is the only person making such a claim, not even Michael Hess who was inside with Barry or anyone on the streets ever said there were explosions going on inside of WTC 7 while the towers were still standing. The question is why did he need to take the stairs and not the elevator? Here is Barry's 1st interview on the day of 9/11 shortly after he escaped from WTC 7.

I created a video showing actual footage of the destruction to WTC 7, conspiracy theorists need you to believe that the towers did not effect WTC 7 but in the 1st 30 seconds of the video you can see that it was damaged by the south tower's collapse and fires were started inside, at 1:20 of the video you can see how close WTC 7 actually was to the north tower (400 feet closer than the south tower was) as it takes a direct hit from the collapse. This is the video conspiracy theorists can't let you see.




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