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Here is the link to my video channel


All comments and input are most welcome. Should you disagree, All I ask is that you stick to the subject of what each video is about and present evidence and facts that back up your ideas.

Video channels each have their number of subscribers posted for all to see, as well as how many videos they have and the number of video views, the more subscribers a channel has, the more creditability they have, so if a channel has a lot of subscribers people will know that the owner of that channel has something of value to say. For example: Katy Perry’s channel has 5,510,141 subscribers and a total of 1.812 Billion video views, in order to subscribe to a channel one has to have a channel of their own so it is obvious that way more people are watching her videos than subscribe to her because many people re watch the same videos over and over, she should have a lot more subscribers than she has because of her world-wide fame.

The following link is to a video titled “10 most subscribed you tube channels 2013” it was uploaded Jan 14 2013. #10 had 3,507,921 subscribers and #1 had 6,817,451 subscribers.


as you can tell it is not easy to get subscribers, I mentioned Katy Perry as an example to show the amount of subscribers she has in reference to her fame, now let’s look at Alex Jones and his fame compared to me who is basically unheard of at this point in time.

Keep in mind that Alex is a radio show host, here is a link to his radio station line up:


He is on (as of 10/07/2013) a total of 24 radio stations and internet channels not to mention his spot on satellite radio.

Here is the link to TheAlexJoneschannel on you tube:


As of 10/07/2013 On you tube Alex has 679,581 subscribers, 14,048 videos with 327,647,644 total video views at an average total of 23,323

views per video, so the math works out to be less than 4% of his subscribers watch all of his videos.

If every one of Alex’s subscribers watched each of his videos only once he would have a total of 9,546,753,888 total video views. That’s 9 and a half Billion total video views.


As of 10/07/2013 On you tube I have 335 subscribers, 55 videos, with 298,188 total video views at an average total of 5,422 views per video, so the math works out to be if each of my subscribers watched each of my videos only once I have 100% of my subscribers watching my videos along with an average of 5087 other people each watching all of my videos.

There is no sure way to calculate whose subscribers are watching which videos but it is certain that the ratio of my subscribers to my video views is way higher than Alex’s.

My goal on you tube is to have more subscribers than Alex, how powerful of a message would it send to the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement if a nobody like me had more subscribers than the most popular conspiracy theory member in the world?

Please help to raise awareness.

If you have a you tube channel subscribe to mine, if you don’t have a channel it only takes a few minutes to set one up, and it’s as easy as setting up a face book page or twitter account. you don’t need to have any videos of your own to have a channel, you can put other videos in your favorites and create a playlist which will be featured on your channel, any theme works, for instance if you like funny pet videos you can like all of the videos you want and display them as your featured theme. You can also have multiple playlists featured, like music videos, (even professional singers’ videos like Katy Perry or Avril Lavigne)

you do need a channel to post comments on videos, so if you want to join in on the debates take 5 minutes to create a channel and subscribe to mine, help me to send a message to people on you tube that the truth has a voice.

My goal on you tube is to have the all-time most subscribers, 10,000,000 should do it, but 1,000,000 is more than Alex has and would be a good start.

Help to spread the word.






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