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Whether they realize it or not or even admit to it the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement has conducted a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11 but they only present the results that fit into their agenda.

Conspiracy theorists who make money from the things they create claim that they want a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11 but they really don't, they just want to make money so they chant "9/11 was an inside job" they make t-shirts and bumper stickers that read "investigate 9/11" because they profit from those sales.
They can not let a new investigation happen because they know there is no evidence that proves it was anything other than a foreign terror attack because they did not find any such evidence in their own research. if they really wanted a new investigation they know that they could get one if they spent some of the money they make to pay people around the country to take petitions around and have them signed, with enough signatures the government would have no choice but to start a new investigation, the thing is they are in it for the money so they would never pay anyone to do that, in fact if they weren't doing what they do for the money they would have been the ones to create what I have created, if and when the government does start a new investigation and when the investigators do not find the evidence that they claim is out there (while their "in depth" research failed to find any such evidence) they will simply say "of course they didn't find any evidence, the government paid them not to" it will never end with these people unless enough people learn what my books reveal, I guess I would say that my books are the new investigation.
yes my books will make money but I am doing something that will help the people who deserve to benefit from the events that changed their lives.
Here is the link to Alex Jones's main store page on his web site infowars.com:  http://www.infowarsshop.com
Here is the link to Alex Jones's classic store page on his website infowars.com: http://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net/index.html
Alex is just one example of people who profit from the propaganda they spew.
Here is one way to look at the investigation of 9/11, the insurance companies that insured the WTC paid the multi billion dollar claim because they did not find any evidence of foul play.

Conspiracy theorists blame Larry Silverstein for being part of the plot of 9/11 because he signed a 99 year lease on the twin towers just 6 weeks before the attacks, the only ammunition they have is that he purchased insurance on the property on the same day he signed the lease, they try to make it look like he got the insurance just so he could collect on the other end when the towers were destroyed, what they don't tell you is it is required by law to insure any leased or purchased property which is financed in order to protect all parties involved.
Imagine buying a car and telling the bank who loaned you the money that you promise to insure it a week later.
I found the contract on the internet and read that the lease said the lessee had the right to rebuild in the event of total destruction IE, earthquake, tsunami, ETC.
One thing conspiracy theorists never tell you is that every WTC building was destroyed that day and Larry Silverstein was the lease holder on all of those buildings, it took many years to rebuild (as of 2009 they were still rebuilding) and all that time Larry was without tenants (almost that entire time), so they never mention all of the rent money Larry lost.
keep in mind that when I read the lease and insurance policy it never mentioned the phrase "acts of terrorism"
the following video shows how conspiracy theorists twist the facts into what they need the truth to look like.

The lobby of the north tower was video recorded by the Naudet brothers who were embedded with the F.D.N.Y while making a documentary on a firefighter over a 1 year period from rookie to manhood, the events of 9/11 quickly turned the filming into a documentary about 9/11 for obvious reasons, they arrived at the north tower just after it was hit and documented what they saw, the lobby windows were broken out and huge marble slabs were no longer on the walls. conspiracy theorists claim that it was an explosion that caused the damage, my research has revealed that there was no lobby explosion, the next video reveals how the damage to the lobby happened, it speaks for itself.

Conspiracy theorist Jason Bermis (of the video 9/11 loose change) claims that his research has proven that the steel from the WTC was shipped off directly to China without being inspected, but I researched what he did and found that it was inspected over many months before being shipped overseas. he is right about it being shipped off to China but conveniently leaves out the fact that it WAS inspected first. watch the video and see who you agree with. 

Steven Jones of Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth claims that the fires in the twin towers were starved for oxygen but the facts prove that the impact zones in the towers were like a fireplace except with cross ventilation.


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