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There are many ways to donate:

Of course a large percentage from each of my books sold will be donated to the foundation, so even if you do nothing more than buy a book or two you will still be donating. 

There are a few ways donations will be used.

One way is to pay for the upkeep of this website including advertisement and promotion.

Anyone who wants to advertise on their own in publications such as newspapers, magazines etc you have my permission to advertise with the following phrase: Please support victims of terrorism at www.votaf.com  

Another way I am going to use donations is to buy copies of World Trade 7, my 2nd book, which contains information which will educate readers and also tell them about my 1st book, which makes it a promotional tool in itself, purchased copies will be given to libraries, high schools, collages, military installations and more.

Anyone wanting to purchase multiple copies of World Trade 7 to hand out to people in your area can contact me to place an order at my discount rate.

Most of the donations raised will be put into an account which will eventually be used to open the first of several brick and mortar store locations.

You can also donate a little time instead of money, word of mouth is the most powerful promotional tool there is, making people aware of the foundation would be very helpful, social media makes getting the word out easier than any other time in history, a quick link to this website in twitter and facebook posts can really get people talking, and it would only take about a minute of your time if you are already logged in. how effortless would it be to send so much information to people you know who might want to know about what I am putting together?

Another way to get the word out is to call radio shows who bring up the subject of the debates and let them know about all of the information I have uncovered.

The closest analogy to the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement anyone could make are the people of the world who once thought the earth was flat, they thought it was flat and you would fall off of the edge because that was what everyone was saying about it, with the movement they refer you to other members who are saying what they say and if that is all a person hears they will tend to believe it, Christopher Columbus did the proper investigating and found the truth, both the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement and I did the proper investigating about 9/11, the difference is they tell you what they need you to believe in order to get you to buy their merchandise, they will never tell you about me, and you will notice that I only have 2 books for sale which will benefit those who need the help, my books are in debate form so the reader will see every thing the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement wants the reader to see and also see everything they intentionally left out because I have nothing to hide but they do.


Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit this site, K.T. Penn






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