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It is a fact that 1000's of eyewitnesses heard explosions at the WTC during the attacks of 9/11/2001 which is proof enough to me that devices were planted inside the towers, my question to you is, do you think all of those people were hearing things or just lying to make it look like a controlled demolition?
In order to get to the truth you need to look into all of the facts, evidence and witnesses, yes it is true that 1000's of "ear" witnesses heard sounds that sounded like explosions, while the only 2 explosion sounds that were identified were when the 2 planes hit the towers, keep in mind that the towers themselves did make noises that sounded like explosions as they were falling apart and collapsing.
If the government wasn't in on 9/11 then why did they just let the terrorists communicate through E mails and phone calls without stopping them when they had the info they needed? we all know that the government has the ability to do wire tapping, so why didn't they stop it? 
The way that the terrorists communicated without any government picking up on it was through E mail accounts, and every account had more than one person who knew the address and password, one would sign in, write a message with instructions or an update and save it as a draft. then they would contact the person the message was for by a message thru a different E mail, by phone, or in a chat room using a certain key word which would tell that person there was a message waiting for them, that person would then sign into the E mail, read the message then delete it so it would never be sent so it could never be tracked.



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