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It has been said that there are 100's of members in the A&E'S for 9/11 truth. I've heard as many as 1500, depending on which conspiracy theorist you listen to. I never really tried to find its true amount of members because it doesn't really matter, they are all either very stupid or using their positions in their careers while hiding behind their suits and know the truth but are lying because their agenda against the government and/or their greed for money is more important than accepting and admitting the truth. giving them the benefit (that they need) let's say there are 1000 members and keeping in mind that each of them has an average of 20 years experience that would make their combined experience 20,000 years or 20 millennium's worth of experience, so why can't they prove a single one of their claims against any one member of the government? not one person in prison after over 12 years? is it that the government is so smart that they could pull off the attacks and fool everybody, or is it that A&E'S for 9/11 truth aren't accepting the elementary school level of logic, science and common sense that it takes to understand the reality that what happened on 9/11 was from a foreign terrorist attack.
you are about to find out.
Here is a video that explains how the towers were destroyed by the planes and not a controlled demolition, if you are a member of A&ES for 9/11 truth and don't understand ask a child to explain it to you. 

When the collapses started it was the jolt of the above weight slamming onto the floor below causing (not so much the steel to fail as did) the nuts, bolts, rivets, and welds which held the steel together to fail, and as more and more weight was added to the next floor each floor gave way, the collapses happened due to both a pile driver and pancake effect.
To sum up the video: 
The south tower had 32 floors of weight above its impact zone while the north tower had 14 floors of weight above its impact zone.
The south tower had about twice the weight for the undestroyed steel to support as the north tower did. 
The south tower collapsed in 56 minutes while the north tower collapsed in 102 minutes.
It took the fires about half of the time to WEAKEN (not melt) the undestroyed steel in the south tower due to that undestroyed steel having to support about twice the amount of weight as in the north tower.
ask anyone who went to elementary school.

Here is a video of the founder of A&E'S for 9/11 truth who claims that it was thermite that brought down the twin towers and WTC 7.

Here is a video of a test that was done to see if thermite could melt steel.

Members of the A&E'S for 9/11 truth need to take the fire out of the equation so they can make their theory of a controlled demolition more believable, because they know that a jet fuel fire could weaken steel, here is a video of a test to see if a jet fuel fire could actually weaken steel.
Followed by a video of A&E'S for 9/11 truth member professor Steven Jones, debated by K.T. Penn.


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