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Dr. Judy Wood. where did the towers go?

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Dr. Judy Wood. where did the towers go?
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She wrote the book: Where did the towers go? in it she claims that there was some sort of Tesla technology device that was used to take down the towers turning them to dust including the steel.
Here is a link to her website: http://www.drjudywood.com

My research has revealed how the towers were destroyed and what created the dust during the collapses.
First let me tell you about the 14 people who survived inside of the collapsing north tower between the 1st and 6th floors, the reason they survived is because the stairwells were encased in concrete from the ground floor up to the 6th floor, here is a video of their story, the video is 48 minutes total but what you need to hear starts at 34 seconds through about 50 seconds, one of the survivors describes hearing the pancake an pile driver effects as they happened.

As I said the stairwells on the 1st through 6th floors were encased in concrete, the stairwells and cores from the 7th to the 110th floors were encased in 2 layers of sheetrock (dry wall) the perimeter walls were also finished with sheetrock and so were the walls that separated the bathrooms, offices, and tenant spaces.
It was the pancake effect which crushed the sheetrock turning it into dust not a tesla device like Judy Wood clams, she is just another conspiracy theorist who is cashing in with yet another ridiculous theory.
I made a video because of a challenge by a you tube channel owned by a conspiracy theorist, he offered a 10,000.00 reward but refuses to pay because he only offered the reward to make his challenge seem impossible to win, I feel that I have earned the reward and will put it into the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, see if you agree with me and if you could please send him a message that he should stand by his word, the video is self explanatory and thank you for watching. 





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