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 Sometime in Jan 2014 i did an interview where i answered many questions, here are 6 of them and a link to the interview with the answers to the questions


How could 19 guys take over 4 jumbo jets with box cutters?


How could an aluminum plane penetrate a steel framed building?


What caused the towers to collapse?


How did anyone make phone calls from those planes when the odds of cell phones working at those speeds and altitudes were next to impossible?


A planes black boxes are almost indestructible yet the government says that all 4 black boxes at the world trade center were never found, why is that?


We all know that the government has the ability to listen in on phone calls and track e mails, even in 2001 so how did the hijackers get away with communicating with other terrorists overseas without any government knowing about it?



 Feb 16th 2014 i had a debate with Korey Rowe (producer of the video series 9/11 loose change) in the 2 hour debate he tried to distance himself from the video that he produced, he also tried to discredit the American government's accounts of the events by claiming that they are corrupt, he was trying to get people to believe that the government was behind the attacks because they are corrupt and that proves guilt. you will hear me ask questions which most of he fails to answer and the one he does answer his reply was "i don't know", the debate was in 3 parts, parts 1 and 2 were a back and forth, at times it got heated when i yelled at Korey for inturrupting me while explaining why we went into Iraq, i explained that there were videos on you tube proving that there were terror training camps there, and that those videos were filmed by our own troops, he claimed that there are no such videos because he was there and didn't shoot any footage. part 3 was when the hosts would ask us questions on my suggestion near the end of the 2nd part, you will notice Korey quickly left, and i know it was because he didn't want to answer any more questions because my reply would be to expose him as the fraud he is, here are the 3 links to the debate total run time is about 2 hours.

feel free to spread this around to help get the truth out there, thank you, K.T. Penn.




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