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How and why I got involved

My name is K.T Penn, I have performed years of research to reveal information that debunks any 9/11 Government conspiracy theory. Read the books that I have written which have all of the answers that are backed up by evidence, facts, and witnesses, and contain logic and common sense. The books are available in paperback.

I never wanted to read any books about the conspiracy theories of Sept 11th, or watch any videos either, because of my beliefs towards the attacks of Sept 11th, and what really went on that day, right up until Feb 22 2009, that’s when I started watching 9/11 loose change.

That is the official starting point of my involvement in the ongoing debates about 9/11 being a government conspiracy or a foreign terror conspiracy.

Up to that point I felt who am I? I’m not a professional anything that would have anything to do with investigating the events of Sept 11th, I was under the impression that it was a foreign terror attack all that time. Before I watched the video that day I wanted to find out why there would be people who think the government would attack its own people, and why can’t the people who know it was a foreign terror attack prove to those people who believe it was a government conspiracy that it was indeed a foreign terror attack?

I felt that I would be a hypocrite if I just assumed I was right without listening to the other side of the argument, so I watched the you tube version of 9/11 loose change 2nd edit (the 79 minute full edit) all the way through in one sitting, by the end I was doubting my own beliefs, I actually asked myself if it was possible that the government could do something like that?, I remembered a point in the video where he had put an article up on the screen and was talking about it, and I wanted to see what he said about that article, so I went back through and found that point in the video where the article was, it had the word allegedly in it but he left that word out when he spoke of it (the article wasn’t proof that it happened) but by leaving out the word allegedly, he was trying to make it look like a fact, so I paused the video and opened another browser to Google the article and read it, I found his spoken words to be misleading, so I said to myself “now I gotta go back to the beginning of the video and see if he did that anywhere else".

So I started the video again, pausing it after each thing he said, and looking on the Internet to double check his research. I knew I had something as I re watched the video pausing, and switching screens to look up things on the Internet, I decided to hand write everything he said, along with my responses as I went along because what I found was what he had researched but was different from what he put in the video, it was obvious that he only took bits and pieces of facts and evidence and twisted them into what he needed to become the results of what he presents in his video, he basically made a video based on deception and lies.

At first I was going to make a you tube video in rebuttal to loose change, and show people that he was lying, and then, as I moved along, I found I was shooting down his every spoken word with answers to all of his questions, more realistic comments to his comments, and so on.

After a little while my short you tube video turned into a documentary, somewhere around the halfway point I had realized that I was batting 1000, for every question he had, I had an answer, for every comment he made, I had a comment for his that made more sense, every accusation he made toward anyone in the government being involved, I came up with a more provable reason why they were not involved.

At that point I realized that I had so much info against his video that I had to write a book, I eventually made many short videos which are actual excerpts from my 1st book, thinking up a name my 1st idea was going to be Coin wrapper “putting the loose change in its place”, but decided that sounded too arrogant, but I was exposing this video titled “loose change” and what one way can you expose loose change? By lifting up the couch cushions.

Lifting up the couch cushions gives the answers to all the questions, like any other crime where there were clues left behind, the clues are the answers, the only way to find the real answers is to present all of the facts, evidence, witnesses and clues which help to conclude the real truth.

If you were to watch 9/11 loose change from start to finish, (like I said I did) It is very easy to believe that there would be a reason to suspect the government, especially if you do not have the Internet to look up some of the things in the video, and anyone who already suspected the government would tend to believe the video, if not paying attention to details, you would have missed a lot of mistakes he made, instead of doing the correct research, and stating where he was able to find the information he did, like for example, he should have said things like "I went on www.whatever.com and found out this", or "you can call this number and ask this company these facts", or "this newspaper on line has this proof about this", or even, "you can Google this and it will lead you to that".

Instead of making a documentary about discovering the truth, he decided to make a movie, from his vocal deliveries, to the dramatic music he used, to the articles he put up on the screen blurring out most of it only telling part of the article he did put up on the screen, (and when you Google the article and read the whole thing you find information that he left out that contradicts what he did say about it) he uses smoke and mirrors, half-truths, misinformation, and tones of voice to enforce the lies with his deliveries of what he says, most of his so called research was through other 9/11 truth protesters, and he believes what they say because that is how he feels, so he thinks he found the truth, when in fact most of his findings are based on other people’s opinions, while the rest of his findings he claims to be facts, which are based on hearsay, speculation, rumors, and circumstantial evidence, loose change is the Blair witch project of the Sept 11th tragedy.

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